Power of Seminar Marketing

In any “people business” it is important to constantly meet new people. New people beget new opportunities, which lead to growing your business and network. There is no quicker and more controllable way to meet people than seminar marketing.

Why event-based marketing?

Hosting events allow you to present to a captive audience of qualified prospects who are there to meet you and learn how you can help them. Using LeadJig’s data match function you can uncover demographic information about your prospects prior to the event date, including age and approximate asset level.

By hosting an event, you and the prospect have a designated date, time and location to meet one another – this is a people business and the faster you meet a prospect face to face, the faster you develop personal relationships and uncover opportunities. Guide your prospects to your event date by customizing automatic email correspondence that is sent from the system. Introduce your firm in the registration email, and confirm the date, time and location of the event the day prior with auto-confirmation emails.

Events allow you to be the expert and demonstrate how you can help your prospects. Whether it’s the topic of Social Security or Estate Planning, brand your LeadJig profile to convey your expertise. Provide insight into your firm on the customizable online RSVP portal, and include relevant follow up material on the topics discussed in auto generated thank you emails the day after the event.

By using LeadJig hosting events throughout the year you can systematically control your business growth and ensure that no opportunities slip through the cracks.

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