The many benefits of Auto-responders

How often do you gather appointments from attendee’s who don’t show? What if you had a system in place to immediately reach out to those who couldn’t attend your seminar, prompting them to respond for a follow up?

By using LeadJig’s marketing management system, your prospects are guided via auto-responding emails following their sign up, prior the event, as well as after the event. Each of these emails are pre-programmed into your instance of the dashboard, but you also have the ability to completely customize these emails with our built in email editor. As a user in the system you also have the ability to verify when emails were sent to prospects as well as if/when they opened them.

Let’s look at a couple of examples of ways advisors customize the responses to guide their prospects.

Registration Email – This email is sent immediately after registration, done either by the phone or online. Customizing this email to introduce your firm, as well as introduce some of the topics that you will be covering during the event gets your prospect more familiar, and thinking in terms of your event.

Confirm Email – Sent to prospects the day prior to the event, allowing them to confirm their own registration, along with providing map details of where the event is located. Also confirm attendance by phone? Be sure to check your attendee’s status after the email has been sent, you may have attendee’s who have already confirmed!

Thank You Email – The day of your event, our dashboard give’s you the option to update attendee’s as “Attended”. By doing so, and email will be automatically sent the day after the event, thanking them for attending. By personalizing this email to your firm, you can increase brand recognition, recap any questions that may have been asked during the event, as well as add in any online scheduling links. Many users have seen an increase in appointment conversions by simply allowing prospects to schedule time with them via email.

No Show Email – Along with updating attendee status to “attended” alternatively you can mark attendees as “no show”. This will prompt a “sorry we missed you” email to be sent to no show prospects the day after the event. Customizing this email to give prospects some insight to the material that was covered, as well as an opportunity to schedule time with you to hear the same information gives you a second shot at meeting prospects.

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